July 24, 2020

A Personal Story of Courage with Halcyon MacKnight

A Personal Story of Courage with Halcyon MacKnight
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This week Bethand Kim sit down with All-American runner and Olympian Halycon MacKnight.
Halcyon MacKnight is an Author, Speaker, Olympian, and was a good friend to her mom. She likes to call herself a pioneer of things that are great. She calls herself a catalyst for motivation, passion, humor, and energy. She works with people of all ages especially women who want to take charge of their lives to create the life they love. Believing in whom you are and using the tools and talents God has given you is what she preaches and believes in.
MacKnight has presence, grace and perseverance that allow her to connect with all she comes in contact with. She is a survivor of Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence, an Olympian, Coach of the year, Collegiate and HS Hall of Famer, Educator, All-American, and an Author.

Texts of Comfort and Courage:
2 Timothy 1:7; Proverbs 3:5,6; Phillipians 4:13; Psalm 56:3; Revelation 3:20

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