Season 4 Dropping: January 27, 2023
Oct. 16, 2020

Be a Warrior — A Conversation with Tammy Vaughan

Be a Warrior — A Conversation with Tammy Vaughan

Beth and Kim sit down to talk with their friend Tammy Vaughn to have a real honest conversation.

Tammy is the proud wife (of 33 years) to Bob Vaughan, mother of Matt and Luke, graduate of Mount Pisgah Academy near Asheville, NC (go ’83), daughter of God, and 3-year breast cancer survivor.  Raised in Asheville from seventh grade through college, all she wanted was to get back to the mountains.  She and her family were able to do this in 2007, just in time for their boys to attend her same academy.  Tammy enjoys volunteering time at both her church and the school while getting to be Mom away from Mom to the students who attend there, doing anything craft-related, collecting clocks for their clock room (which contains approximately 40), and wearing pink to remind women to get their mammograms every year.  God saved her life through mammography, ultrasound, and her medical team, and she now strives to show women the importance of early detection and urges everyone to slow down and enjoy the little things.

Show Notes

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