Season 4 Dropping: January 27, 2023
April 17, 2020

Divorce: A Conversation of Hope

Divorce: A Conversation of Hope

This is an open candid conversation with Joanne about divorce, having hope, finding joy, and living the abundant life God desires for her.  This is a beautiful conversation that is important for all to hear.  If you are going through a divorce it can bring encouragement, if you know someone who is going through it or is divorced it will give you insights and understanding. Thanks for listening!  

Joanne Langevin is a 3rd generation Seventh-Day Adventist that has been divorced and remarried.  She has a wonderful, kind, God-seeking husband with a BIG servant's heart!   She and her husband, Robert, both lay claim to a blended family consisting of 6 adult children.  She is a project manager for WayForth and volunteers as a co-facilitator for the University City Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Group in Charlotte, NC.  She values connectedness and is grateful for the tender way God loves her.

This was taped before the Covid-19 epidemic hit, however this is still a very important subject, perhaps more important than ever.   

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