Feb. 5, 2021

Gorgeous2God — Erica Jones

Gorgeous2God — Erica Jones
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Erica sits down for a second conversation to discuss the Gorgeous2God Ministry, and the importance of having difficult real conversations with our girls. This is a must listen for parents of girls or all ages. 

Erica Jonescurrently serves as the Assistant Director of Women’s Ministries for the North American Division. She received her undergraduate degree in English from Southern Adventist University, after which she accepted a position in the General Conference Youth Department as an editorial assistant where she managed the One Year in Mission initiative.

Her primary ministry is working with teen girls and developing resources that address the real issues they face. She also dedicates time to the continuing emphasis in Women’s Ministries on abuse prevention and education.

One of Erica’s greatest desires is to empower young women to have the tools to make wise choices in their relationships, recognizing that the choices they make now will impact them for their entire lives.

Erica lives in Howard County, Maryland, with her cat and two horses.

Show notes:

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