Season 4 Dropping: January 27, 2023
May 15, 2020

The Value of Finding your Tribe

The Value of Finding your Tribe

Kim and Beth sit down with two amazing women, Laura and Courtnie for a fun conversation about the benefits and the challenges of finding and being in a tribe. They explore how tribes can contribute to both joy and weeds.

Courtnie Hodgins was born, raised and lives near Charlotte, NC. She’s married to Ryan and has three girls ages 6-10.  She enjoys cooking, working out (so she can eat, haha), spending time with friends and family, and in true introvert fashion, she loves her quiet down time! She loves to learn more about the character of God, and longs to be more like Him. 

Laura Aggabao is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a passion for empowering women to gain control of their health and fall in love with self-care. She lives in the country with her military and fireman hubby with their 3 wild kiddos underfoot. She enjoys running, plant-based cooking, and tracking Amazon packages.

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